New MAFA President, Gerry Halpin MBE, Launches His Presidency

MAFA President Gerry Halpin MBE launches his Presidency

MAFA President Gerry Halpin MBE

MAFA President Gerry Halpin MBE

The recently elected President of MAFA, Gerry Halpin MBE, hosted a very successful ‘T’ Party for Members, Friends and Trustees as a new initiative whose purpose was to encourage informal conversation and as a means of getting to know one another, especially those of us who rarely have an opportunity of meeting together.
It was held at the very splendid ARTZU GALLERY in Manchester and was attended by 42 people all of whom had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, mingling, chatting and nibbling the tempting range of mini delicacies on offer.
The Director of the Gallery, Nick Betney spoke about his experience of managing a successful private Art Gallery in the city, talking about his artists, clients and the ways of winning commissions, whilst Jo Bennett, an art dealer, spoke about the more itinerant life of selling art through art fairs around the country. Each was very concise, informative and very supportive of the aims of MAFA.
It was decided, at a subsequent Council Meeting that informal events of this type should be repeated with the hope that even more Members , Friends and Trustees might be encouraged to join in and enjoy the opportunity of ‘conversation’ from which beneficial ideas for the future of MAFA might arise.
The President thanked everyone for their attendance and support and for those who helped with the organisation of an interesting Saturday afternoon interlude.

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