MAFA Graduate Awards Winner – Patrick Jones

Patrick Jones MAFA MMU Graduate Award Winner 2015

 Patrick Jones Patrick Jones

My practice at present uses charcoal on paper and mono-printing. Sometimes I have installed the works so that time becomes an extra element in the works as the viewer’s eyes scan the picture surfaces from one focus to another. Being a musician as well as an artist I have seen some of my work as possible graphic scores that might be ‘read’ by a musician.

My drawing begins with direct observation or photography in my own local or domestic environment, and then I use a personal language of gestural marks often with my hand directly on the paper or inked surface.

I also have an interest in painting and film-making.

The MAFA award is very affirming for me at this later period of my life and very importantly as my present course comes to an end it gives me entry into a community of artists at a time when it is much needed.

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