“Seen On Merseyside” by Julia Midgley Accepted For The RA Summer Exhibition

'Seen On Merseyside' by Julia Midgley

“On the Albert Dock, Liverpool, historic marine buoys, anchors. ships and boats are displayed.One day actors were rehearsing amongst the objects. A welder interrupted his work to observe them.  I had been drawing the skeleton of “Ambush” the 1900 Grand National winner owned by HRH Prince of Wales, housed nearby, as part of a current project to record significant equine skeletons.Struck by the juxtaposition and incongruity of buoys, actors, and welders combined with the Ambush skeleton a potential image began to emerge in my mind.

In the studio several concept drawings helped to compose the final “design”. The zinc etching plate was produced in a traditional manner, line drawing etched first before application of aquatint, a resin dust melted to the plate surface to achieve tonal areas. Shadows are an important part of composition linking elements of the image together.  The etching is a result of observations in the field, illustrating my theme that truth is stranger than fiction.” – Julia Midgley

The limited edition numbers 20 copies.


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